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Our firm, based in Taumarunui but working with clients around the country (with a focus on the Ruapehu District and Bay of Plenty) has a simple premise – we want to provide you with piece of mind. What does piece of mind mean? It means that we provide you with a service that leaves you to worry about what you do best while we do what we do best. That means different things to different people, Which is why we take a partnership approach, customising our service to suit your needs.

  • Gabe Moana, Taringamotu Otamakahi Trust
    Taringamotu Otamakahi Trust operates a sheep and beef farm outside Taumarunui.  Gabe has been on the Trust for 36 years and is currently Chairman.   The Trust has used what is now Peak Chartered Accountants for 36 years providing a full service to them including secretarial, share registry, payment of accounts, invoicing, management of tax compliance requirements, payroll, monthly and annual financial reporting.  
    Gabe Moana, Taringamotu Otamakahi Trust
  • Derek Wooster, Te Uranga B2
    “What is now Peak Chartered Accountants has provided a professional yet personal service to the Incorporation for more than 36 years.”
    Derek Wooster, Te Uranga B2
  • “We have used what is now Peak Chartered Accountants for a number of years.   We enjoy working and interacting with them."
  •     Vindex Media has found our time with Peak Chartered accountants, delightful, informative and all around an experience we will continue to suggest onward.
  • Natalie Jarman, Whatever Marketing
      Whatever Marketing has been working with Anne Topham and her team for almost 9 years, they are an integral part of our business, not just your everyday bean counters, more like a business partner that can provide advice support and ideas.
    Natalie Jarman, Whatever Marketing

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Seriously, we know that some of you will only want us to do your accounts and tax returns. However, we can help you with much more than that. Call us and find out how.

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